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HubSpot Child Theme Update Service

Detailed Insights and Information

Is your 5968872 HubSpot website broken after an update?

➔ May you have a child theme that has not been updated and merged properly.

Or, are you hesitant to update because you use a child theme?

Then rest assured, our Service is designed to navigate these challenges seamlessly.


Our solution contains two services that build on each other.

1.   Analysis Service: We analyze the changes and conflicts and provide a cost estimate for the child theme update.
2.  Child Theme Update Service: We provide a 3-Way Merge & Conflict Resolution Service to ensure your entire website is fully up-to-date.

Here, You'll find all the details about our

HubSpot Child Theme Update Service

Analysis Service

We analyze all files of the Hubspot File Manager of a CMS product from a specific HS account, as well as the common base version and the HS-CMS-Developer version.

  • We analyze always the whole code, unless otherwise agreed.
  • We find out ourselves which was the common base version installed by the HS-Account-Admin.
  • We identify and analyze all the differences between the common base version (the old parent theme), the latest version of the parent theme, and the child theme version.
  • Based on the determined data (see basic data) - number of differences, severity and number of conflicts, as well as the number of lines of code - we prepare a cost estimate for the Child Theme Update.

Our HubSpot Child Theme Update Service always refers to a specific product and version of the HS-CMS-Developer and a specific Child Theme of the HS-Account Admin.

Child Theme Update Service

The Child Theme Update Service (3-Way Merge & conflict resolution service) always refers to the previously executed Analysis Service.
  • We merge the two sets of changes based on the differences identified.
  • The code is not merged randomly, the procedure is always the same and therefore can be reproduced - same input, same output.
  • Only the code parts that have been changed by the HS-Account-Admin and the HS-CMS-Developer are merged.
  • In case of conflicts we intervene and solve them manually (see below).

From Analysis to Live Deployment

1. After receiving all information and accesses, the Analysis Service can be initiated.

2. The results of the Analysis Service and the cost estimate for the Child Theme Update (3-Way Merge & conflict resolution service) will be sent by email.

3. In the period between the Analysis Service and the Child Theme Update no changes to the code are allowed.

4. If you would like us to update your child theme, we will need an already updated parent theme (marketplace theme). 

5. The Child Theme Update Service (3-Way Merge & conflict resolution service) will be executed.

6. Upon completion of the service, the results will be provided to the client for review, including a list of all altered files.


Our service does not include fixing bugs. But if desired, we can fix them for you.

Requirements for the services

Our services can only be executed if the following accesses and information have been guaranteed and provided by the HS-CMS Developer of the CMS products:
- Access to the source code of the product to be updated. 
- Creation and provision of an access token to the GitHub repository. 
- A list of the update version (branches, tags or individual commits) that have been provided as versions to the HS Account Admin. 
- An invitation is required from the HS-Account-Admin which gives access to File Manager and Pages.
- To perform the child theme update, we require an already updated parent theme.

Basic data

We sum up the number of processed lines of code.
In HTML, CSS and JS files, a line of code is defined by a line break.
For JSON files, we use the standard formatting according to JSON.stringify (jsonData, null, 0). This method generates one line for each attribute, 1-2 additional lines for each object and array element (this can vary).
Hubspot adds additional (invisible to end HS-Account-Admins) fields in JSON files. Hubspot can add new fields at any time. These fields are included in the total sum.

Conflicts in Code

In case the HS Account Admin and the HS CMS Developer made a different change, i.e. there are two variants of a change to a position in a file, a conflict is being created. 
For an error-free conversion, all conflicts need be analyzed and resolved by a developer (SRX or external). Depending on the case, this may necessarily lead to more communication with the HS CMS Developer or HS Account Admin. 
The number and degree of conflicts will be included in the analysis result and effort estimation.

Conflicts in JSON Files

JSON structures are processed syntactically. We do not process lines of code as position, but paths of the JSON structure. Thus, changes in sequences, addition and deletion of elements and attributes do, in contrast to sequential processing, not cause conflicts. Positions of changes and conflicts are rendered as paths.

Automatic resolution of conflicts

We use methods which can resolve conflicts automatically. For non-critical conflicts, the change of the HS account admin is prioritized. This can be turned-off if required. 
- The HS account admin deleted code that was modified by HS CMS developer.
Result = code remains deleted.
- The HS-Account-Admin renamed a field label that the HS-CMS-Developer renamed as well. 
Result = The change of the HS-Account-Admin is prioritized. 

Categorization of Conflicts

Conflicts that cannot be resolved automatically are categorized into different levels. The categorization is based on the estimated effort required on our part to resolve the conflict. In this assessment, we consider the number of conflicting lines of code, necessary corrections, and communication effort.

Level 1: The HS-Account-Admin and the HS-CMS-Developer both added distinct segments to the same line of code. Both modifications remain compatible and continue to make sense. Specific example: Within an HTML element, the HS-Account-Admin and the HS-CMS-Developer both added new classes.

Level 4: The HS-Account-Admin resolved an issue that is entirely fixed in the newer version of the product. The HS-CMS-Developer's solution should be used.

Level 6: The HS-Account-Admin and the HS-CMS-Developer both resolved an issue using different techniques. Not only do multiple lines conflict, the functionality of both solutions needs to be compared as well.

Level 660: The versions from the HS-Account-Admin and the HS-CMS-Developer both diverged so significantly that a reimplementation based on the HS-CMS-Developer version is necessary. Examples: The HS-CMS-Developer switched to a different programming language or conducted a very extensive refactoring.


These are only examples, we can change and adapt these examples and the levels at any time.

Code changes

We do not make our own changes to the existing code.

Unless otherwise agreed, our HubSpot Child theme update service is limited exclusively to merging code and resolving conflicts.


We store checksums and the associated source (repository, tag/branch/commit, filenames) of files.

Code Storage

We store backup copies of the child themes' code both before and after the Child Theme Update Service, ensuring enhanced security and enabling effective quality management (QM). All source code for the Analysis Service and Child Theme Update Service comes from either our database or GitHub. This approach not only safeguards the integrity of the code but also facilitates a rigorous quality assurance process.

Code recovery

We do not offer a guarantee for code restoration. 

Automatic Detection of HS-Account-Admin-Installed Version

We may store all your versions with Spacerockx in a single, centralized location. Our Detection Tool is expertly designed to identify and select the version most likely installed on the HS-Account-Admin's end. 

Quality Management and Workload


With a centralized instance taking care of your HS Child theme conversions, we ensure a consistent codebase state. This means fewer unexpected surprises and unpredictable bugs.

Training and education:

Instead of you spending time and resources constantly training your team on the latest merge strategies for specifically Hubl, Json, HTML, CSS, you can rely on our specialized team to stay on top of the latest technology.


Growing teams and CMS products mean more code and more merges. Our service scales easily with your business. You don't need to worry about increasing merge challenges. We merge everything!

Analysis for the future:

We show you, as developers, the modifications your customers have made, empowering you to adapt your products effectively. Your clients will greatly benefit from these insights.


Ever notice how much time goes into resolving HubSpot CMS merge conflicts with clients and colleagues? We'll take care of that and make sure all changes are in line without you getting lost in endless email threads.

Child Theme Update:

We eliminate this task from your to-do list

Backward compatibility:

With the use of our services, it is no longer necessary for you to pay attention to backward compatibility of your new versions.


Developers are more productive and satisfied when they focus on current tasks instead of legacy ones. Outsourcing the merge process keeps team workflow fluid and focus on world-class product development.

Stress Reduction:

Say goodbye to the constant back-and-forth, overtime, and endless discussions about code conflicts. Benefit from fewer internal conflicts over code standards and merge decisions. We help make the work environment more harmonious and productive.


Reduce the risk of errors and inconsistent code. Our team works diligently and purposefully.

Time Savings:

Use the time you save to focus on what really matters - developing and optimizing your projects.

Cost savings

Cost savings: Think of the costs incurred by delayed releases, bug fixes due to bad merges and additional QA rounds. With our service, you can drastically reduce these hidden costs.

With all these reasons, the question is not "Why should you use our service?" but rather "How did you ever get by without us?"

Give yourself the luxury of never having a merge conflict again.

Let us do the work for you!

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