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5968872 HubSpot CMS Theme Update Service

  • We Support across all HubSpot CMS aspects
  • We take care of customized child themes
  • We enhance CMS performance


Install now:

npm i -g srx-hs

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We perform updates, merges and seamless integrations

Hubspot CMS User

{% set blog_posts = blog_recent_posts('default'{{ }}, 5) %}
{% if blog_posts %}
  <div class="blog-posts">
  {% for post in blog_posts %}
    <div class="blog-container">
      <h2><a href="{{ post.absolute_url }}"></a></h2>
      <p class="author">By: {{ post.blog_author.display_name }}</p>
      <p class="date">Published on: 2024-06-15{{ post.publish_date }}</p>
      <div class="summary">
      <a class="read-more" href="">Read More</a>
  {% endfor %}
{% else %}
  <p>No recent blog posts available.</p>
{% endif %}
Hubspot CMS Developer
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Up To Date ✓

Let's update your HubSpot Child Theme.


Hubspot CMS

Services to keep your work up to date

1 Analysis

We analyze all changes made to the customized child theme and provide a cost estimate for integrating these changes into the newest theme-version.

2 Update

Leave the complexities to us: With our 3-way-merge technology, we handle your child theme update seamlessly!

3 Extras

We're fixing bugs, upgrading your CMS, and replacing outdated code to keep your tech top-notch and user-friendly.

Simple and Seamless

It doesn't matter

where code was deleted, changed, added

and which version is used,

our HubSpot Child Theme Update Service will seamlessly merge every child theme with the latest version.

Sonne Rot


Use our Services


benefit from:

Hintergrund hell dezent
CI/CD Streamlining Software Development and Deployment  
Modernize your codebase No constraints imposed by prior work
we update everything
happy customers No website rebuild necessary  
Version Detection We recognize versions of copied code and update automatically  
Full Consistency The path to a bug-free environment  
Endless scalability No update is too large  
better communication Less communication required  
Save time and money Outsource the hard work  
Our Expertise

Profit from our vast knowledge

because merging code is our passion

more efficiency

Direct your energy to your strengths

Focus on what you do best

Merge Icon white 3-way-merge technology

We utilize syntax driven 3-way-merge technology

Conflict detection and solution We detect and solve code conflicts   
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